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About Us

Welcome to the Suriname-Guyana Chamber of Commerce, the beacon of trade facilitation and economic partnership between Suriname and Guyana. Established with the vision of strengthening the economic ties and fostering a vibrant business environment, our Chamber serves as a bridge connecting businesses, governments, and communities across our two nations and the Caribbean.


  • 2022Establishment of the SGCC

    The Suriname-Guyana Chamber of Commerce (SGCC) was founded in 2022 on a shared vision of economic cooperation between Suriname and Guyana and was initiated by Ambassador Liselle Blankendal (Suriname Ambassador to Guyana) and Dr. Vishnu Doerga. This groundbreaking collaboration, championed by key government figures from both Suriname and Guyana, aimed not only to strengthen economic ties but also to set a new standard for regional cooperation.
  • Initial PhaseFormation of the Startup Committee

    The initial phase saw the formation of a dedicated startup committee, a diverse group of enthusiastic and visionary members from companies across both nations. From Guyana, representatives from Floor It Guyana, M. Sookhai & Co, Guyana Port Inc, and Glasgow Law Firm joined forces with Suriname's Creative Tech Hub Caribbean, Optiek Ninon, Fernandes Group, and Elgawa Suriname. Their dedication laid the groundwork for what would become a beacon of hope for businesses in both countries.
  • January 2024Milestone

    January 2024 marked a significant milestone with the chamber's first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and election. A board of directors was chosen, representing an equitable mix of business leaders from both Suriname and Guyana, further emphasizing the chamber's commitment to bipartisan and binational cooperation. This commitment was underscored by appointing Mr. Rahul Lildhar as CEO, who was given the responsibility of guiding the SGCC towards its grand objectives.
  • TodayThe SGCC: A Dynamic Platform for Growth

    Today, the Suriname-Guyana Chamber of Commerce is more than just an organization; it is a dynamic platform for growth, a nurturer of opportunities, and a catalyst for economic transformation. We owe our existence and success to the visionary leadership of our founders, the dedication of our startup committee, and the unwavering support of our member businesses.


Suriname Guyana Chamber of Commerce INC. aspires to facilitate collaboration, promote investment opportunities, and foster strong partnerships to drive economic growth, strengthen investment relationships, and enhance the prosperity between Guyana and Suriname.



Represent the interests of the Surinamese private sector in trade matters in Guyana and the Guyana private sector in trade matters in Suriname.


Provide a platform for facilitating the exchange of business ideas and interests, leading to the development of relevant policy positions that safeguard and promote investments.


Promote trade and investment opportunities between Guyana and Suriname.


Encourage innovation and foster partnerships among members to enhance competitiveness and expand the presence of Surinamese & Guyanese businesses in each other's markets.


Develop strategic alliances with stakeholders to advance the chamber's mandate.


Generate and disseminate market intelligence and information about potential opportunities.


Facilitate capacity-building.


  • Develop strategic alliances with stakeholders
  • Unique platform for Surinamese and Guyanese firms.
  • Promote trade and investment opportunities
  • Encourage innovation and partnerships
  • Strengthen commercial and diplomatic ties for mutual prosperity
  • Disseminate market intelligence on potential opportunities
  • Exchange resources, information, and create partnerships
  • Facilitate capacity-building initiatives for members

Key Benefits

Economic Growth

Enhanced trade can boost foreign investments & job creation

Shared Resources

Pooling of expertise and best practices for mutual benefit

Business Networking

Expanding networks and forming strategic partnerships

Cultural Exchange

Beyond trade, promoting unity & understanding


Reducing dependence and building resilience against economic shifts


Board Of Directors


H.E Liselle Blankendal

Honorary Member - Suriname


H.E Virjanand Depoo

Honorary Member - Suriname


Dr. Vishnu Doerga


member Mr. Derrick Klaverweide

Mr. Derrick Klaverweide


Member- Mr. Mark Anthony Sookhai

Mr. Mark Sookhai


Mr. Samuel Glasgow

Mr. Samuel Glasgow



Ms. Anuskha Varsha Sonai


Dr. Alista Bishop

Dr. Alista Bishop


Mr. Pritipaul JR Singh

Mr. Pritipaul Singh Jr


Mr. Jimmy Manna

Mr. Jimmy Manna


Mr. Rogier Simson

Mr. Rogier Simson


Ms.Charlene Tjon-Sien-Kie

Ms. Charlene Tjon-Sien-Kie


Ms. Gaytri Rampersad

Ms. Gaytri Rampersaud


Rahul Lildhar

Mr. Rahul Lildhar